There are so many ways to make a print! I tend to use the low tech, low fuss methods such as cutting stencils, carving linoleum blocks, inking textured paper, Xerox transfers, etc.

There are so many ways to make a print…

Using two different techniques in one print can add depth and contrast. For instance, all of the “Funky Ladies” have a gelatin plate background and a Xerox transfer foreground. processThe “Animals” portfolio has an image of an elephant that combines a blue paper lithography background and a yellow stencil foreground.

The 9/11 portfolio images on grey paper are the most complicated. For those I combined carborundum aquatint, Xerox transfer, paper lithography and linoleum cut blocks. (These were the hardest prints to make in every sense of the word). The image of the towers on fire is a painted background and a linoleum print foreground.

Everything is printed on etching paper. Many of the prints are “monoprints” meaning they are one of a kind, not an edition of multiple prints.